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Thorascopy Instruments

Model: SY-XQ


Product Type: Hand instruments<

Thoracoscopy is the visual examination of the lung surfaces and pleural space through a viewing tube (a thoracoscope). Thoracoscopy is used to view the lung and the space surrounding the lungs (pleural space). Doctors may use it to view the lungs and pleura when less invasive tests do not give conclusive results.

Thorascopy Instruments

Thorascopy can be used for treatment of pulmonary herpes and spontaneous gas chest, peripheral pulmonary nod pulmonary wedge excision, lung diffuse lesions lung biopsy, pus chest, blood thoracic thoracic peeling, pulmonary leaf excision, Emphysema and pulmonary decompressive surgery, thoracic chain excision treats hand sweat, etc.

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